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We are interested in practical nonfiction (business, health and wellness, mind/body/spirit, psychology, parenting, technology) by authors with smart, unique perspectives and established platforms who are committed to actively marketing and promoting their books.


We love compelling, inspiring narrative nonfiction in the areas of memoir, biography, history, pop culture, current affairs/women’s interest, social trends, and sports/fitness. A favorite genre is literary nonfiction: true stories, well told, that read like a novel you can’t put down.


On the fiction side we consider a select amount of literary fiction, upmarket fiction, and suspense/thriller. We look for character-driven stories written in a distinctive voice that are emotionally truthful.


Submissions are accepted via email only; include the word QUERY in the subject line and the title of your work. Please send a one-page query letter, which identifies the category of your work, the title, the length (word count), and provides a brief overview of your project, credentials and previous publishing history, if any. If we are interested we’ll ask you to send a complete book proposal which should include: an overview of your project, chapter outline, a brief bio, a description of competing books and how your book is unique, and the first 10-15 pages of your first chapter. For fiction, if interested we’ll request a synopsis and the first 20 pages.


Please send all items in the body of the email, NOT as an attachment. Be sure to include your contact details (email address and phone number). If you have relevant writing experience (articles, other books), and/or have received writing awards, please include details in your cover letter. Let us know if you’re submitting to other literary agencies at the same time, and please keep us apprised of any offers of representation.


Please note: Unsolicited submissions via Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media sites will not be considered.



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